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CA17 international
CA17 international
Consultancy services
in sustainable rural and
agricultural development
Closure Mission of the Technical Assistance services to the PASAM (Components B and C) in Mali
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The team, the company
Extensive practical experience
and its international references
make CA 17 International
a choice partner


Service activity
Project management,
provision of training and
conservation of natural resources


International references
We provide support to local projects in synergy with regional development schemes

Job opportunities
We encourage skills development and success in your career through a diversity of assignments

Accompagner nos partenaires des pays tiers
dans le développement territorial et l'organisation des activités économiques
pour une gestion durable des ressources naturelles
et une répartition équitable de la valeur créée

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20 October 2014
Last update on
8 October 2014
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